I hear horror movie music


Ok, so over the weekend I opened the fridge to grab breakfast. And the fridge was organized, fully lit and completely warm. Now nearly in a panic, I open the freezer full of my already ziploc’d meats and fruits to find a pool of ice cream soup spreading across the bottom.

Luckily, some of the meat was still mostly frozen and a quick thinking building manager had me move it to the freezer in the apartment complex’s clubhouse.

It turns out, a broken fridge isn’t considered an emergency so the maintenance manager wouldn’t come until today. So I salvaged what I could and came up with a new plan. Well, I’m working on a new plan, but I’m afraid it will consist of going shopping again.

I lost the whole fryer chicken. I don’t think it had a chance to freeze, so I decided it probably wasn’t safe to eat. The berries also had defrosted, but they were good for now, so I ate them over the weekend. Not a total loss. I also lost all the fridge stock. Eggs, butter, sour cream, etc. All gone. It looks like another trip to Aldi’s.

So the maintenance man came today and, as I predicted, declared my fridge DOA due to a worn out compressor. Luckily, since I rent, they will get me a new one. Between 2-5 days. WHAT! Well, there goes the rest of my budget for just about everything this month. I will eat canned goods while at home, but since I can’t save leftovers for lunch, like I normally do, it looks like breakfast and lunch will be out. I’ll work out a new Passover menu plan tomorrow. Stay tuned for the next episode of the saga of “The Valiant Efforts of an Old Fridge”

RIP old couponing partner
RIP old couponing buddy

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