Tips on reading your store’s flyer

Check the front page for this week’s loss leaders. These are the products that are on super special. The stores will sell them at below cost to tempt you into the store.

Not everything in the flyer is actually on special. Look closely at the items on the page. If most of them say bargain, or have a blue check mark or red arrow or some other symbol, those are the ones on actual sale. The few that don’t are just ones the manufacturer paid to put in the flyer in the hope you will think they are a bargain.

If its buy $__ worth, get $__ off you can still use coupons, but the price is still after the coupons. It’s a better deal if it says get $5 off if you buy 3, or something similar.

If a coupon says to take a dollar off when you buy 2, the best time to use them is if the item happens to be BOGO. If you are really lucky, the store might have it BOGO when you have a BOGO coupon. Some stores read this coupon and give you both items for free.

Remember that there is a difference between BOGO and 2 for 4. If it is BOGO you must buy 2 to get the savings if it says 2 for 4 or 3 for 5 for example you don’t necessarily have to buy that amount. Unless the ad says must buy 3, then the 3 for 5 simply means each one is 1.67. The store is trying to convince you to buy more. Unless you have 3 coupons for the 3 products, don’t fall for it. (Unless of course, you need 3 anyway)