Late is Better than Never

Ok, so my new fridge is here and restocked. Now my budget is really gone for the month but not as bad as I thought. I bought some frozen and fresh veggies and fruit at Aldi’s, as well as butter, sour cream, cream cheese, eggs, and juice. I also grabbed some bags of fresh spinach and salad greens.  The total was around 35 dollars. I also picked up a small brisket on manager’s clearance and some lox at Giant for 15.

My Passover menu plan is pretty much worked out.

Most days my breakfast will be fruit, matzoh with cream cheese, and either boiled eggs or scrambled with some lox and onions. Snacks throughout the days will be packages of dried fruit and nuts from my stockpile that I get at the dollar store.

Saturday (today)-  A nice traditional brisket with onions, carrots and potatoes. Some will be used as leftovers and some frozen for later. It’s been in the crock pot for a couple of hours and the apartment is smelling great.

I work Sundays through Thursdays, so lunch will be packed.

Sunday- lunch will be leftover brisket and dinner will be a salmon fillet  (which thank goodness survived the fridge dying) with steamed asparagus with homemade garlic butter.

Monday- lunch is (of course) leftovers. If there isn’t enough asparagus, I will add a small spinach and strawberry salad.  Dinner is going to be stuffed peppers. The ground turkey also  survived the fridge failure and the peppers were bought during the restock for 2.50 for a pack of 2 at Aldi‘s. The mushrooms and tomatoes to stuff  with are  canned and from my stockpile. I will use crumbled matzoh instead of bread crumbs, of course. I will be making two of them.

Tuesday- lunch is the other stuffed pepper. I will also have another salad of greens with a lemon and oil/vinegar dressing. Dinner will be broiled chicken breast with chopped zucchini, tomato, onion, and green pepper mixture.

Wednesday- leftovers for lunch again.  Chicken for dinner, this time, roasted with garlic and roast potatoes.

Thursday-lunch will be a salad with chicken and orange slices with a baked potato. Dinner is leftover brisket and cabbage.

Since Friday and Saturday I have off,  so I have time to play with what I have left for meals. There will probably be a meatloaf in there and some more chicken with veggies.

And that’s my Passover menu plan. Not as detailed as I had hoped, but the fridge malfunction really threw a wrench in my plans.


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