Once upon a time, a very, very, very, very (Sara: “Hey, watch it!”) long time ago, a young broadcasting student was broke and heading into the grocery store with her last $1.25. On the way in, she saw a coupon for waffles on the floor. (10 points for Hufflepuff!) Hey, who doesn’t love waffles? So when the cashier said “Oh, it’s free the coupon is more than the sale price”, her love went from Captain Picard to finding more coupons. Along the way, she discovered many other fun ways to save money.

She has taught couponing and frugal living in the Fairfax County public library system, as well as seminars at science fiction and pop culture conventions such as Shore Leave. (Hey, she was going to be there anyway)

She is also a devoted fangirl of Star Trek, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Once Upon a Time, and anything by Joss Whedon, among others. I would list all of them, but there’s only so much room on this page. Some of the money she saves goes straight to creating cosplay costumes and fun at several sci-fi conventions around the country a year.

When not busy couponing or signing up for free samples, or thrift shopping, or…..(you get the picture) Sara works as a Media Archivist in the Washington DC area.

Sara lives in Fairfax County, VA with her husband Star and their feline fur-baby Emma Swan.

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