Well, well, well. It may seem like this site has been abandoned, but fear not! I will be back when time allows it to begin anew! (Yes, again) As I said in a YouTube video, I do the blog and channel and everything for fun. It is my hobby and I quite enjoy it. But if I can’t do it, I can’t, and I won’t allow myself to be too stressed out about it.

I haven’t been doing a lot of coupon posts, here or on Facebook because there hasn’t been a lot of couponing going on. It’s kind of hard to do during a world pandemic. Especially when you have chronic illnesses that put you at very very high risk.

Soon, I will be considered fully vaccinated. And I will be standing 6 feet apart and masked. But I will be out of the house. YAAYYYY!!!! I’m so excited! So that means I will be taking up couponing again, and very soon. So, soon you will see more posts about couponing, thrift shopping, all the stuff you love. At least, I assume you love it, otherwise, why would you visit this site?

So stay tuned, I will be up and running again shortly. Please subscribe with the button to your right, so you can be notified when I do upload something. (Since I don’t have a regular upload schedule)

Happy Couponing!