Coupon Etiquette

First and foremost please remember that all stores have their own coupon policies that you must obey.

Not every store is the same or even every store in the same chain.

Don’t clear the shelves

Come on, leave some mustard for other people.

Pre-scan and bag if possible, it saves time

For instance at Giant, you can pick up a scanner at the front and scan and bag while you shop. This is helpful for so many reasons. You can actually check the prices as you scan, and since your items are scanned and bagged, this cuts your time in the checkout line by half. . If your trip was relatively small, you can try the self checkout lanes, but some of them have trouble with a large amount of coupons.


As you’re shopping, pull the coupons for the items you are getting and put them neatly together, in a separate envelope or with a clip or however. If you have all your coupons nice and neat and all facing the same way, the cashier will love it and it will save so much time.

Be nice to cashiers

Always, always, always be polite to your cashier. Besides the fact I feel you should be polite to everyone anyway, your cashier can be a couponers biggest friend or foe. They tend to be nice to you if they know you aren’t going to yell at them for things that are not their fault. That happens so often, usually By the way, if you frequent one particular grocery store, there are perks here. I stop by my local Giant so often several of the cashiers know me and a couple (no mentioning names) have saved left behind catalinas for me if they know I’m in the store. Just another reason to be polite to your cashier.

Before you get in line, make sure all the coupons in your envelope are unexpired and for the items and amount you have in your cart. Don’t think one brand is just as good when the coupon specifically states another. They won’t scan it and you will only hold up the line, make everyone mad and upset the cashier


You can warn people who come behind you if you have a lot. You never know, some may want to stay and see how it’s done.