For the Furloughed

I don’t mean for this to be a political page but living in the Washington DC metro area, many of my friends are affected directly by the shutdown. And, for a temp like me, no one needs temps, so there are fewer jobs available, and there are fewer and fewer chances to work as the shutdown drags on.  Also I, like so many contractors and others affected indirectly, we won’t get any back pay. We are all worried about paying our rent and buying groceries, but here are just some of the local businesses who are in support of the furloughed workers and are trying to help however how they can. They know it can’t help with any of the bills, but it might cheer us up a bit or give us something to do on a day to get us out of the house. Just click on the links for more information.  You must show a government ID to get most of these deals. These are the deals available in the direct DC area, there are many more deals nationwide, especially in areas with a high number of government employees.

Kraft store for government workers

From now until January 20, Federal Workers going without a paycheck can stop by 1287 4th Street NE, only a couple blocks from Union Market to pick up some Kraft brand groceries.

Sergio Eleuterio, Head of Marketing for Kraft- “During the government shutdown, parents should not have to worry about putting dinner on the table because they aren’t receiving a paycheck”


Loudoun County is offering free bus service to Federal Workers

Mad Fox Brewpub- 20% off all food, BUT 20% MORE if you’re a member of Congress!

Jose Andres restaurants – Follow the link to a list of The Chef’s restaurants offering a free sandwich during the shutdown.

Jose Andres promised to give federal workers and their families a free sandwich at the bar of any of the famed chef’s restaurants: Oyamel, Zaytinya, America Eats Tavern and Beefsteak. The offer is from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

More info on Jose Andres and his support of the federal workers.

Bark Pawsitive- Free bag of pet food

Zaytinya -free Chicken Schwarma

Arena Stage- Free tickets to select plays.

Fazoli’s- Free pizza baked spaghetti

Modern Market- Free Grain Bowl

Newseum – Free Admission

George Washington – Free Basketball tickets

The Meatball Shop- Half price draft beer and 50 cents mini buffalo balls

Woodrow Wilson House Museum- Free Admission

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – One Free Movie Ticket

George Mason basketball- Free tickets

President Lincoln’s Cottage Museum- Free Admission

Alexandria City

Alexandria City is offering a free pass to many of it’s local museums, and a deep discount to others, including Mount Vernon. The above pass also includes a free sandwich at Pork Barrell BBQ.

Montgomery Parks – Discounts on most parks.

&pizza – Free Pizza

Little Havana Bar- Half Price Drinks

BeefSteak Veggies unleashed is offering a free burger during certain hours

Gregory’s Coffee-  Free Coffee

Carmine’s – Free Sliders and discounted specialty “Hard Times” drinks

Taco Bamba- Free Taco

Baked By Yael- Free Coffee  and Cakepop making classes

Baked by Yael is also offering free bagels and soup to the National Zoo workers who are working without pay to keep the animals healthy and safe.

Capitol Lounge- $5 drinks from a special “shutdown menu”

Fibre Space – Free knitting classes to all Furloughed workers

Ornery Beer- 25% off your meal

Balance Gym- Free Workout

Vida Fiteness- Free Workout Class

Let’s Make a Face

If your kid’s birthday is coming up, Let’s Make a Face is offering to delay payment for 45 days for any furloughed employee.

Kramerbooks and Afterwords- Free dessert

Ted’s Bulliten- Happy Hour prices all day

The Radiator-Free specialty cocktail, “The Furlough Fix”

The Urbana- Special Combo Pricing, A margherita pizza and happy hour beer for $10

Jaleo- free Flauta de Jamon Serrano from 2 to 5 daily

The Firefly_ A percentage of the bill off, going higher the longer the shutdown

The City Winery- $1 glasses of house wine

The Dog Park Boutique- 20% off all dog and cat food