Fuzzy Cuddles- The Perfect Root Canal Comfort

Emma closeup

Unfortunately, my couponing time (and money)  this week got derailed by a dental emergency that had me either in extreme pain or completely doped up from the dentist supplied painkillers.

  I would, however, like to introduce everyone to the reason for a new section of my coupon binder. Ladies and Gentlemen this is Emma.  She is a half Siamese, half no one knows 8 week old bundle of cuddles, curiosity, mischief, and to die for adorableness.

So now, I’ll be searching for deals for cat food, litter and other fur-baby necessities. Not to mention comparing pet health insurance. Yes, this is a real thing. But just looking at that face is worth it.

For those of you who are asking, “Are you sure you know how to take care of a cat and what you are doing?” Let me assure you I do. My beautiful Maine Coon cat ‘Jewel’ passed away a year and a half ago after 20 years of companionship and I have wanted to get another cat for a while. I had been to a few cat and kitten adoption events, but when I sat down at this one, Emma sniffed me, and proceeded to crawl up me, curl up under my chin, and fall fast asleep. I guess I got adopted. It looks like this couponer now has her own personal purr machine and nighttime head warmer, and this blog has a mascot.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am being commanded to give some ear scratches to be followed by a round of “Chase the red laser dot”.

Emma in box
Her first hour in her new home she took a nap in the box with her Kitty Kuddler and an Ipod playing sounds of a heartbeat and purring mixed.She was just glad to be out of her carrier and ignored her new bed.

One thought

  1. Awww. Careful, Siamese can get temperamental! My people health insurance gets me 10% off my VIP/Nationwide pet insurance. See if yours partners with any of the companies. And starting now, before she has any pre-existing conditions, will save you money in the long run.


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