Weekly Shopping Report 5-17-16

Ok, so this week wasn’t my best couponing week. I strayed from the list far more than usual because I saw some good deals. I also had things on my list that I didn’t have coupons for, but I was out of and needed to get anyway. Although this meant my percentage of savings stayed about the same, my actual spending was more than I thought it would be. Also, some of my savings came about by rebates from the grocery apps Ibotta, Checkout 51, and Saving Star. If you don’t have these on your smartphone, I highly recommend them. I will be talking more about them in a future post.
One of my best deal finds this week was Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad mixes. Normally 2.19, they were on sale for a dollar each. I had a discount card deal for 50 cents off two, a coupon for 50 cents off two (which doubled) and a rebate from Saving Star for (can you guess) 50 cents off 2. Which, when you add it up, makes it free. And that ladies and gentlemen is the definition of stacking deals.  *Takes a bow*
There was another deal for yogurt, Dannon Activia this time. You can’t be brand loyal when you coupon, you have to be open to try new brands. They were on sale for 2 dollars and I had 3 one dollar off coupons so a dollar for each 4 pack. Also, Giant had an discount card special that if you bought a name brand, you got a store brand yogurt for free.
I had a store coupon for eggs, so I got them for 1.50 for the dozen. I was also looking at a small rebate from Ibotta for them.  I was out of sour cream, but luckily Breakstone was on sale. There wasn’t much of a sale for spaghetti, but I was out, but a quick search online found a coupon for Kikkoman soy sauce, so at least I saved a little there. There were a few other things which I ended up paying retail for. *shudder*
One of my personal better deals was for feminine supplies. The price was 5.49, but I had a coupon for 2.00 off and a rebate from Checkout 51 for another 2.00 off.
Another good deal that I couldn’t pass up was for Furmano’s canned tomatoes. I still had some left over, but some deals you can’t pass up. Each can was on sale for 69 cents, and I combined it with a dollar off three coupon. Or three of them. So 9 cans cost a total of 3.21.
Another good deal was on All laundry detergent. I like All because they have a no perfume variety, which I need due to hypersensitivity. A 46.5 oz bottle was on sale for 2.99. There was a discount card deal for another dollar off and I added to that a coupon for another dollar. So 99 cents for a 5 dollar bottle of detergent isn’t bad. Then another quick check on Ibotta revealed a small rebate for that too, and 75 cents is even better.
I also grabbed some produce. There was a card discount for 2 dollars off any 5 dollar produce purchase and I got small rebates on bananas, apples, and potatoes from Ibotta.
All in all my total original receipt was $114.28. After savings and rebates, I paid 52.42. So about 54%. At least I got above 50%, which is always my “least acceptable savings amount” goal.
Once again, this was all at my local Giant store. If you live in Fairfax County, your local Giant probably has these same deals. If you find some great deals at another store or in your area, please leave a comment below. Happy Couponing!

2 thoughts

  1. I groaned a bit when you said you bought sour cream when you also got yogurt for free. Plain Greek yogurt has almost the same taste and texture as sour cream. I usually buy whichever has the better deal. Still, that’s an impressive haul – even if you bought more than intended.


    1. Yogurt doesn’t taste half as good on baked potatoes in my experience. And I LOVE baked potatoes. And it’s a pretty good haul. My couponing next week won’t be much since my stockpile is pretty full and I had to spend unexpectedly on a dental emergency yesterday. I’m not out of anything so the next trip will be purely what I can get for next to nothing.


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