Me- The Sudden Voice of Couponers

Ok, here is just a quick one. About an hour ago, I called into a local radio show. The Tommy Show on 94.7. They had asked couponers to call in, and I nervously did, not really expecting to be put on the air. They mentioned this blog, and I’m getting a lot of hits. I just want to thank everyone who is visiting me for the first time, and I promise, now I will be really getting off my butt and posting more often. Please also check out my couponing group on called the Centreville Clippers. I am very excited and hope you all will be coming back to check out more soon!


One thought

  1. Sarah, Thanks for teaching me about couponing. I’d been looking for a local class for months and couldn’t find anything in Va. I learned a lot and look forward to putting my knowledge into action.


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