Weekly Shopping Report 5-9-16

Wahoo! After a couple of weeks coupon hiatus I am back on the couponing wagon. Or have fallen off again depending on how you look at it.

So, let’s see what trouble I got into this week.

I usually only go to one or two stores, and usually those stores are Giant and Aldi’s. Sometimes the Dollar Tree for good measure. These stores are very near each other (and my home) so I’m not wasting gas money driving all over Virginia. If there is a great deal at Safeway, I’ll stop by the one near my office after work.

I still have some basics such as eggs and juices from my recent restock of the fridge so no need for Aldi’s this week, but I did stop at the Dollar Tree for a special deal. A small jar (8 oz.) of Duke’s mayonnaise (which I LOVE) was there and my dollar tree takes coupons. They don’t double of course, but everything is cheap enough without. My coupon was for 55 cents of any Duke’s item and no size minimum was listed. I had five so five went in the basket. That means I got 40 oz. of mayo for $2.25. The same amount in a large jar would have been about $5.00 at the Giant or another store. And since I only open one small jar at a time, the chance of it going bad before I’ve finished an open large jar is so much less. And yes, I grabbed my mother’s day card there for 50 cents.

This week was I was glad of belonging to Giant’s online account. The additional discounts from the specials loaded straight to card went a long way this week.

The big deal of the week: Yoplait yogurt. The yogurt was on sale for 20 for 8 dollars. I had 2 coupons for 50 cents off of 5 (which doubled) and a personal discount from my Giant account on my card for another 50 cents. Since they are different types of coupons, both can be used at once and I bought 10 yogurts for $1.50 total.

I grabbed a Stouffers Fit Kitchen frozen meal for free. On sale for $2.99, I had a 75 cent coupon which doubled and a card loaded discount for $1.50. I will enjoy my grilled chicken and roast potatoes.

A reason to always carry your binder was the Duncan Hines Perfect Size cake mixes. On sale for $2.29 each and you also saved an extra 2 dollars if you bought any 4 Duncan Hines products. Combined with the coupons in my binder, they were only $1.29 each, compared to their usual price of $3.29. This was an unadvertised sale so it was a happy surprise for this chocolate lover. (I did mix it up a bit and threw in a strawberry cake mix with the 3 chocolate ones.)

Chicken thighs were the meat loss leader for the week, so I got 5.16 pounds for $4.59.

For sandwiches over the week, Hormel Lunch meat was on sale for 3 dollars a package, and I had 2 coupons of 1 dollar off of each, so turkey sandwiches it is!

Vlassic pickles will go well with the sandwiches. They were on sale for 2 for 4 dollars and using a coupon for 1 of 2 jars is a decent deal. I’ve seen better, but I’m in a pickle-y mood.

I noticed Tetley tea has a new flavor of tea bags that is a mix of black and green tea. The new product sale and my coupon meant I could try out 2 boxes for $1.50 each.

I also saved with coupons on Magnum ice cream bars and a couple of large bags of M&M’s, and I also bought a couple of tomatoes for the sandwiches. No coupon for those, but they weren’t that expensive anyway

All in all  at Giant my original total was $63.91 but I only spent $24.05 and I saved $39.86.

Now these deals were all at Giant stores in Fairfax County, Virginia. If you found a great deal at another store or one closer to your area, please leave a comment below and share the information wealth. Happy Couponing!

3 thoughts

  1. Do you belong to Safeway’s Just 4U? They don’t accept duplicate coupons if you load on the manufacturer’s, but Safeway store coupons often overlap, and can be used even if there’s a Club sale. I got a packet of Rana pasta and a tub of sauce for $4 total for 3 meals. They also put items on Just 4U that don’t normally have coupons, like produce. They’ve also started doing deep discounts if you buy 4 of certain items.


  2. I do belong to Just 4U, but I don’t get a chance to use it much. I mainly shop at Giant, which has a similar program called MyGiant. Giant allows you to use both the digital ones on the card with manufacturers and they also put coupons for produce and fresh meat. I use Giant much more only because there aren’t that many Safeways around here and Giant is everywhere. Plus I feel Giant has a much better coupon policy in general. Giant will double internet coupons and I have had trouble with that at Safeway. Coupon policies are different by state sometimes and I don’t know what the California policies are. Also, I get more Ibotta and Saving Star grocery rebates with Giant. Today I’m working on this weeks shopping plan so I’ll have another trip report up soon.


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